About us

Patient care foundation ( Central Healths charitable foundation ) 

About Us

The Patient Care Foundation (PCF) was created in 2014 by Central Health medical group doctors and staff who were passionate about improving healthcare in Hong Kong. We saw our society as a place of stark contrasts where some medical provision and specialties were among the most advanced in the world, but where others were neglected or under-resourced, leaving many of those in need with few – if any – viable options. PCF continues to serve as the charitable foundation for Central Health, funded by donations from its doctors, patients and external supporters.

At the outset our doctors identified four vulnerable groups of people, pledging to do whatever they could to help improve their access to appropriate medical care, support and resources. These were i) children who required stays in hospital but were being separated from their parents, ii) high risk pregnant mothers-to-be, iii) marginalised groups ( e.g. refugees and migrant domestic workers) without access to healthcare, and iv) individuals experiencing mental health difficulties. In the two years that followed, the PCF started to tackle each of these problems in turn.

All those involved in the PCF are proud of what it has achieved so far, but also understand that there is still much more to do to solve the problems we first decided to tackle back in 2014. We wish to extend a special thanks to all those who support our work by volunteering their time to PCF and Mind HK projects or through financial support as donors.

Written by PCF